Run with Ari Update 2

After continuing her journey, Ari Ramos has sent us another update from the road! Here's how she's doing and how her run has begun to effect her physically as well as emotionally. Don't let the road get you down Ari. May the road rise to meet you and may the sun be always at your back! Here's her update:

"My journey is definitely picking up some attention from the media. I have had a few interviews and here are some:

People have been very kind to me. I have stayed in military bases, fire stations, hotels, people's homes, etc... I even changed time zones right before Mexico Beach, Fl. That made me feel like I was making some progress. When I stayed at the Ramada they had a big sign "Welcome Ari Ramos!" I felt like a celebrity. 

I feel stronger physically. People think it's a physical challenge but in reality its a mental challenge. I am focusing all my attention to this campaign. I am trying to enjoy it the best I can. I have had to figure everything out for myself.

Today, I went to an elementary school and the kids gave me a group hug and told me they loved me. I felt unconditional love from these kids. I cried. I felt like I was doing what I was brought to this earth to do. 

To tell you the truth I love doing what I am doing now." - Ari