Run with Ari: First update from the road!

We got our first progress report from the ambitious Ari Ramos! For those that didn’t hear the radio show where Ari was a guest, Zephyr Wellness has financially sponsored Ari and she has committed herself to following her dream of running across the United States while promoting obesity awareness. When Ari completes her run, she will be part of a handful of women to have ever completed the journey and seems to be the first Latina to ever complete the monumental task. Ari’s first report to Zephyr Wellness follows here:

"I am currently in Panacea, Fl. I had the opportunity to speak to children in one school in Mayo, Fl. I think have cried every day for different reasons. Running in the rain for an entire day really was difficult for me mentally. I started on January 28, and have averaged too many miles. My body is slowly adjusting to the shock of running/walking/hobbling every day. I have encountered some of the friendliest people. I am keeping a diary and currently I am 3 days behind. I have stayed in campgrounds, hotels, community centers, and with friendly hosts. My story is slowly picking up some attention. I made the front page of the paper of a small town. Here is the story:" - Ari

We here at Zephyr Wellness will continue to support her and cheer her on with plans to be there at the finish line when she completes her run in the next 6 to 9 months! Keep it up Ari!