Run with Ari Update 4

Running through the ghettos of New Orleans was more frightening than anything I encountered while traveling through the worst parts of South America. For the past few days, I have had the pleasure of having Andy accompany me as a support person. Although the poor guy almost killed me the first day by not providing enough drinking water, he quickly got into the support role by ensuring I had the proper nutrition and hydration from that point on. Because I've been on my own without assistance for the first part of my anti-obesity awareness campaign, I have become very self-reliant and not accustomed to depending on someone else. Andy's company has been a very nice change, however, because we've been able to enjoy the Cajun Coast to the fullest by savoring the local cuisine, which has included crayfish and frog legs. Being free of pushing my Thule stroller has also been a welcome relief, especially through some of the seemingly endless stretches of Louisiana roads amid its no-service swamps.

Now that the weather forecast is calling for severe thunderstorms during the next several days, I can better prepare myself mentally for the long, isolated, and wet roads ahead. I've had scary instances along the way where I've actually feared for my life. Today, for instance, I had a man stop his car on the side of the road and wait for me to run. As I did, he rolled down his window and tried to engage me in conversation. Under other circumstances, I would have struck up a conversation, but on this occasion I felt frightened and uneasy as my intuition told me that he didn't have the right intentions. Fortunately, Andy was waiting for me not far ahead. I know that he will soon leave, but at least he was here to ensure that my trip was comfortable for the time he was here.