Lindsay Belle
Founder, Chief Operations Officer

Marriage and Family Therapist

Lindsay Garrison was born and raised in northern Nevada and attended the University of Nevada, Reno. Throughout more than 10 years of mental health experience she has always enjoyed the process of facilitating change by helping individuals, families and couples break through the barriers that prevent them from achieving their highest potential.  She particularly enjoys working with children and has a son and daughter of her own, whom she loves very much.

As a young child Lindsay always knew she was different from other children because of her ability to connect with types of people, regardless of age or background. This love of people and ability to communicate clearly drew her into the counseling field as she obtained her bachelor’s degree in psychology and her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.

Lindsay is an existential therapist who believes that all living things are connected and that one’s natural search for belonging and connection is of paramount importance. She is a natural healer and is able to see beyond the surface in order to bring others peace to mind, body and spirit – and to live authentically. Lindsay is empathic, compassionate and warm.

She is comfortable sitting with others’ in their darkest moments and helps them to build resilience while developing a deep sense of self. She enjoys helping others’ identify their hidden strength – especially when they believe that they have none – and helps them to break the patterns that no longer serve them. 

How I stay healthy: Spending quality time with my family, daily meditation, yoga and spending time in nature, including hiking and rock climbing. Getting adequate nutrition, sleep, alone time and exercise brings me energy.