Our mission is to provide citizens in our community, state, and country with the best possible care for mind, body and spirit through accessible, holistic and compassionate approaches that honor personal freedom. 


Our core values are beneficence, non-maleficence, justice, fidelity, and autonomy. We take every one of them seriously and we expect them of our employees while striving to promote them in our clients. 



Zephyr Wellness aims to preserve the healthy, heal the broken and wounded, challenge the daring and bold, guide the lost and vulnerable, inspire the hopeless and sad, and instill faith in the scared and empty. We invite you to join us on our quest.

Zephyr Wellness has gone international! We have partnered with the Noggin Notes team to create content on this cutting-edge emotional education mental wellness app and podcast. For more information, click here or click on the logo.  Both the app and the podcast are appropriate for all ages and are available on iTunes and Android marketplaces. 

Locally owned and operated, we offer counseling for individuals, couples, groups, and families of all ages and demographics, regardless of their struggles. Currently we accept the following insurances: Amerigroup, Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield, CDS, Healthscope/PEBP, Hometown Health, Nevada Medicaid FFS, Prominence, SeniorCare Plus, Silver Summit, VOCA, Washoe County DA, and out-of-network benefit plans. 

For the uninsured, Zephyr is proud to be a training site for graduate-level practicum students completing their clinical program hours. This allows us to serve clients with limited resources for a nominal fee.

The Zephyr team proudly integrates Yield Theory™ throughout its clinical interventions. For more on this powerful nonjudgmental approach to counseling, visit our friend Dr. Christian Conte at his website.